We Work Hard & Aim to Please

Selling a home can be overwhelming and stressful. We offer a simple purchase plan, where we take on all the work and make a fair and timely offer. So you can enjoy peace of mind and get on with life.

I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Coastal properties for just over a year now. In this time, I've seen Troy exude several characteristics that every entrepreneur must have in order to achieve sustained success. The first that comes to mind is his relentlessness. Troy is the type of guy that will go to bat as many times as he has to in order to get something done the right way. He has a work ethic unlike anything I've seen and fear of failure does not exist in his mind. It's one of the biggest reasons I consider him a guy I always want in my corner. The second is commitment. In my 11 years as a professional, I've come across 3 or 4 people who have the level of commitment that I've seen from Troy. When he gives you his word, he gets it done. Not only will he get it done, he does it with SPEED. In business, speed is king. Finally, he's someone that you can trust. In todays' world, trust isn't an easy thing to find. It's Troy's willingness to communicate well and have the tough conversations with the right intentions that make him a man you can count on to always bring the right information to the table. If you are considering doing business or giving Troy a vote of your own trust, you won't be let down. He's just one of those guys that no matter how much adversity comes to the table, he'll pull through. After all, those are the only type of people you can really trust.
Zach C.
Tampa FL
Coastal Properties LLC is amazing to work with! They work hard to solve problems and do it with a high level of integrity.
John D.
This team makes the process simple and easy. They have the knowledge and systems to get the job done!
Alice S.
Honesty and integrity are the two words that best describe Coastal Properties LLC. HIGHLY recommended.
Kristen W.